outlet & special offers

From individual accessories that complete an ensemble to affordable hen or stag night outfits and high-quality bargains, our outlet offers a range of costumes at very reasonable prices. Put together your very own look and it’s yours to buy for between €5 and €50. After all, even we have to declutter our wardrobes from time to time – and you might find just what you’re looking for!

Our outlet is a self service area. And because you take them as they are, without any further alterations, we save time and you save money. Plus you get to keep the outfit.

If you feel like getting creative yourself, we also offer a range of fabrics, ‘furs’ and all sorts of other odds and ends.

Our costumes spend most of the time on the move, so unfortunately, we cannot send or post online any pictures of individual items. But if you come and have a browse, you might just get lucky.

Looking forward to seeing you!