Our well assorted costume collection is comprised of over 20 000 outfits in every size and plus size each of which can be rented and bought. Here you can find costumes for carnival, theatre, film, photography, advertising, shows and much more in every price range.We offer expertly tailored individually made garments based on historical models as well as high-quality theatrical costumes and accessories. Also available are protagonists from the latest blockbusters and low-priced costumes for stag parties.
An experienced team of tailors and costume designers is there to give you professional and imaginative advice. We will help you to find just the thing for your occasion! Our costume studio can realise any special request you might have.
If you come on short notice or with long lead time is your decision. For groups of six or more people, we recommend making an appointment beforehand.
Our rental prices cover three days or one weekend and include cleaning and small alterations. An extension is possible at any time for a lump-sum payment.


Historical and traditional garments

Here you can find costumes from every era and country in the world. We offer historical originals as well as detailed replicas including matching accessories. Our selection starts with the stone age and extends far beyond the astronaut. With our extensive collection that has been carefully maintained and expanded over decades we can outfit an entire wedding party or provide clothing for other big events and set the perfect stage for any occasion.


Uniforms & working clothes

Our passion for collecting and archiving has allowed us to aquire uniforms from many different eras and countries. From Napoleon to King Ludwig of Bavaria to pilot, chimney sweep or traditional kilt, we offer uniforms and working clothes that will satisfy almost every wish. Should you still not find what you are looking for, we can manufacture uniforms according to your wishes with an attentive eye for historical details. In addition to our wide range of working clothes we also have original uniforms and medals, insignia and edged weaponry like swords, daggers and rapiers.


Animals, flora and fauna

Eat or be eaten? From carrots, bananas, chicks, penguins and teletubbies to bears, tigers, lions and other predators, in our collection every member of the food chain is represented. Even extinct species like dinosaurs come back to life here. Matching paws and flippers must not be forgotten of course. You can even find walking christmas trees, pumpkins and easter bunnies roaming the shop in great numbers.
Ranging from a simple hair circlet with ears to a dwarf head that stands two metres tall, we offer costumes in all colours and shapes. If you prefer the Playboy Bunny or the plushy fur overall with a fake belly is totally up to you.


Fairytales, heroes, comics & stars

From Grimm’s fairy tales to the latest blockbuster, here you can not only find the heroes of your childhood but also your favourite stars and starlets. Discover Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh mingling with the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Elvis and Abba. And should you need to save the world we can guarantee a sixpack in our superhero costumes. Of course the classics like clown, pirate, cowboy and indian are also available.
Regardless of how exotic or boring the party theme may be, our costume designers will be delighted to assist you in finding something that will make you look good anywhere.